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Our values are our PURPOSE

I.T. Lady Connect is a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating the digital divide and enhancing diversity within the tech industry. We provide specialised support for older, disadvantaged, disabled, and indigenous people, alongside initiatives to boost women's engagement in STEM. Our programs include tailored classes, hospital care connect, mentorship, and technical support, as well as advocacy, coding workshops, and support for women entrepreneurs.

A Couple of Old Man and Women are Happy While Surfing Internet on Laptop.

our mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities with technology. By delivering customised support to those facing challenges due to age, disadvantage, or disability, we ensure access to the necessary skills and resources for success in the digital era.

Simultaneously, we are committed to diversifying the tech field by promoting and assisting women in STEM, enabling them to thrive and lead.

our vision

I.T. Lady Connect imagines a future where technology is equally accessible and user-friendly for all, irrespective of one's age, abilities, or background.

We strive for a world marked by inclusivity, innovation, and opportunity, where technology acts as a driving force for positive transformation and progress for everyone

It-Lady Community

Meet our Board.

Rachel Llyod

Managing Director

Rachel has over 25 years business experience and an MBA. She is responsible for the smooth running of the I.T. Lady operations and combines her duties as Chair of the board with Managing Director.

Reggie Ridlen


Reggie is a phD Neuroscience candidate and has lived experience of the hospital environment so is very connected to our iPad hospital programme, leading by example with our volunteers.

Louise Ridlen


Louise has had over 30 years experience in the tech support industry and brings her love of sharing and teaching technology to the I.T. Lady board. Louise creates and sets up the programs for I.T. Lad

Brittany Ridlen

Company Secretary

Brittany is a physiotherapist and brings her skills of management and love of finance to the role of Company Secretary of the board. Brittany passion for helping others through our hospital program.

Maureen Lopez

Board Member

Maui has a degree in computer science and is passionate about the programs we run at the I.T. Lady. Maui brings her wealth of experience in tech to the board by helping and running our programs.

Meet our Digital Mentors.

Kaeya Jasani

North Sydney Girls High School

My name is Kaeya Jasani and I attend North Sydney Girls High School. My friend and I decided to become Digital Mentors at the end of Year 9, hoping to make a difference in our society by providing education about technology to help people who struggle with understanding how it works. Despite not requiring volunteer hours, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to interact with older generations of our community and so far it has been! I never could have imagined the connections we have made, and how much I got to know about others. Personally, I never realised how hard it may be for people who haven't grown up with technology all around them. After helping many people with all forms of technology I realised that I was making a change (even as just a student) and that it was greatly appreciated. This program is an outstanding initiative that will help so many people around New South Wales and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Becoming a digital mentor has been very fun so far and I am looking forward to continuing, and teaching and learning things from everyone!

Aditya Goyal

Digital Mentor

Hello! My name is Aditya, and I am a Digital Mentor. Being a Digital Mentor is amazing, you get to help so many people around you and give back to the community. You help people 65+ years of age understand the very complicated new world of technology, an experience they have not yet been able to have. It is truly a rewarding experience that allows you to build strong friendships with your mentees, and you get to build bonds based on respect and mutual admiration (just remember to bring the cookies and tea)! My digital mentee is my grandmother, and she is a lovely person to teach. She trusts my guidance and it is awesome to see her learning all these new things like using the search bar, Youtube and Gmail. Not only that, but I have come to grow closer to my grandmother, with us spending just 30 minutes together every week. Not only is it an amazing opportunity to help people around you, but you can also just enlist your grandparents (with their permission of course), and just teach them the basics of technology!

Meet our Volunteers.

Anisha Guitam

Hospital iPad Volunteer

Anisha is an experienced tech support and security specialist. She has completed and trained as a volunteer at the hospital and particularly loves working with our hospital iPad patients.

Betty Bonoc


Betty is a Software Engineer and spends her days working on user interface designs for her clients at SSW. Betty used to work for I.T. Lady and continues to support our hospital and digital mentor programs because of her love of sharing technology with others.

Eula Dayrit

Tech Team - Volunteer

Eula works at Peppermint iT and utilises her love of technology to volunteer for I.T. Lady Digital Mentor and hospital programs. Eula runs training courses with Digital Mentors and helps with all the important admin on the back end.

Meet our Members.

Helen May


Helen has over 40 years experience working as a biology and science teacher. She has worked for Australian Computer Society working on creating high school exam papers and is instrumental in establishing I.T. Lady Connect as a charity.

We believe in showing efficiency and empathy.

If you would like to volunteer, become a mentor, or donate, please contact us here