Understanding Your Digital Neighbourhood

Understanding How A Website works and how it is built

Understanding the digital neighbourhood through real-worldanalogies

The cyberworld is complex and has many components much like buying a block of land and building a house. When we explain digital concepts to our customers using simple, relatable analogies, it all seems to click. Let's take a walk through the digital neighborhood.

1. Hosting: Your Block of Land Imagine you're building a house. Before you even lay down the first brick, you need apiece of land. In the digital world, this land is your website hosting. Just as you'd select a piece of land based on its size, location, and accessibility,you'd choose your hosting based on the space you need, the bandwidth (how quickly people can access it), and for how long you want it (5 or 10 years). The right block of land ensures the foundation for your house—or website—is strong. Your block of land you need will also be determined by what you’re doing on the land - ie. are you selling things or providing a service.

2. Domain Name: Your Home Address In the physical world, once you have your land, you get an address. This address, like'72 Wood Street, Milsons Point', tells people where you live. In the digital world, this is your domain name. Think of it as the easy-to-remember label for the technical coordinates of your website, like "itlady.com.au". Behind the scenes, DNS records map these coordinates to your user-friendly domain, ensuring visitors reach the right destination.

3. Website: Your House Now, it's time to build your house!In the digital space, this house is your website. Just as you'd contemplate the size, layout, design, and furniture of your house, you'd decide how many webpages you want, the design, user interface, and the content. A well-designed house (or website) is welcoming, comfortable, and makes visitors want to stay.

4. SEO: Your Listing on the Map You've built a beautiful house. How do people find it? In the real world, you'd rely on maps or directories. In the digital world, this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without effective SEO, your website remains hidden, like a beautiful mansion in a forest with no roads leading to it. SEO ensures that when someone looks up a keyword related to your website, it appears in their search results.

5. Social Media: Invitations to Your House You wouldn’t want your beautiful home to be empty, would you? Social media platforms are like sending out invitations for a house party. Through posts, shares, and interactions, you let people know what's happening at your 'house', showcase your offerings, and entice them to visit.

6. Monthly Maintenance: Home Upkeep Building a house isn’t a one-time task. You have to clean, repair, and mow the lawn.Similarly, once you have a website, it requires regular updates, backups, and security checks. This is akin to monthly maintenance. Just as you wouldn't let your home get dirty or let the garden overgrow, you shouldn't let your website become outdated or vulnerable.

7. Integrations: These are like sharing your neighbourhood resources. Like borrowing an egg from next door for your cooking.

The digital world, with its various components, can initially seem overwhelming. But when looking at it through this lens it becomes as comprehensible as the world outside our windows. Just as we invest time, thought, and resources into building and maintaining our physical homes, our digital 'homes' deserve the same care and attention. Whether it's the land, the house, or the invitations for a gathering, each element plays a crucial role in our digital presence. So,the next time you think of the digital world, imagine the neighborhood, and everything will seem just a bit more familiar.